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Robert Schmidt, LEED AP

Robert Schmidt founded SCHMIDT & CO. in the fall of 2012, following over thirty years of success in the design and construction business. Decades of experience working with leaders have reinforced the belief that all leadership skills are the fruit of a person’s inner world – their character and values. In 2013, Robert became a certified leadership coach with the goal of empowering individuals to discover and develop their gifts and talents in order to live and lead more effectively. Rooted in this vision, Robert comes alongside individuals, teams and organizations to cultivate their unique genius within.

In August 2016, he began a new adventure as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Construction Science and Management Department of the University of Texas at San Antonio. In addition to teaching and consulting, Robert works with a San Antonio based non-profit that focuses on developing leaders who desire to integrate their faith, character and influence more effectively into their work, families and community.

Robert founded Overland Partners Architects in 1987 alongside three friends and fellow Longhorns and spent 25 years building, growing and developing Overland into a world-class architecture firm. He directed the overall operations of the firm and served as President and managing partner until 2012. Robert’s background in construction project management complemented the firm’s architectural process, and he honed key leadership skills during these years.

A LEED Accredited Professional, Robert played a principal role in many Overland projects worldwide, including the Chickasaw Nation Cultural Center in Oklahoma, the Mayland Resort near Guangzhou, China and an extensive condition assessment and reproduction cost estimating project for buildings at Grand Canyon National Park.

A third-generation engineer and fourth-generation entrepreneur, Robert received his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin in 1979. Prior to founding Overland, Robert worked as a Project Expediter for Harvey Construction Company on the construction of the Dallas Galleria complex and as a field engineer and cost estimator for Amarillo Road Company in Amarillo, Texas.

As a husband of over thirty-seven years, father of six children and grandfather of three, Robert is all about his family. Along with his wife, Jenni, he has directed numerous mission and leadership trips in the US, Africa, Mexico and Russia and enjoys hiking the great outdoors.

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Over the past 30 years, we have built lasting relationships with experts in the fields of information technology, finance, human resources, international relations, real estate, design, construction, and more. We relish the challenge of assembling the best team possible from these many resources in order to best tackle our clients’ toughest projects.

Why do many successful organizations do well, but settle and never reach their maximuim potential?

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