Stretch Yourself & Achieve New Heights

If you're an exceptional, highly motivated leader that wants to solve problems, share advice, and push others to achieve massive success then a Mastermind Group might be a great fit for you.

To learn more about becoming part of an industry-specific design or construction Mastermind Group simply request more information on the form below.  Then, we'll send you a digital copy of our Field Guide that outlines key elements of building a SMARTER & HEALTHIER company.

What To Expect From A Mastermind Group?

Masterminds provide leaders a structured, safe place for personal and organizational development. They provide leaders a forum for problem solving, innovation, and external accountability so that you don't feel alone at the top.

Facilitated by A Veteran Entrepreneur

For more than three decades, Robert Schmidt has been leading people and building great companies in the design and construction industry, through success and failure, he's learned what is needed.

As a third-generation engineer and co-founder of a world-class architecture firm, Overland Partners, Robert understands the pressure and problems industry leaders face. His professional and personal life experience offers incomparable wisdom that will enable you to mitigate expensive risk, build a healthy culture and increase your bottom line.

More Info About Our Mastermind Groups

Our Mastermind Groups are specifically designed for executive and emerging leaders of architecture, construction, and engineering firms.  To learn more about the form, function and content we will engage in together please complete the information request form below.

    Upon submission, you will receive a digital copy of our Field Guide and the required qualifications to be admitted into a Mastermind.