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What’s slowing down your success?

For more than three decades, Robert Schmidt has been leading people and building great companies in the design and construction industry.  Through failure and success, he’s learned what’s needed to build a best-in-class organization.

As a leader, if you’re struggling with:

  • having a clearly defined strategy that’s producing the results you desire
  • a dysfunctional leadership team and internal politics that’s increasing your turn-over and costs
  • maybe your employee morale and productivity is low
  • is your technology and business processes causing confusion, unnecessary mistakes and holding your organization back

You need insight on how to focus your time, talent and teams.

This Field Guide was written to reveal some of the secrets I wish I had when I was in your shoes.

Meet Robert Schmidt

As a third-generation engineer and co-founder of a world-class architecture firm, Overland Partners, Robert understands the pressure and problems industry leaders face. His professional and personal life experience offers incomparable wisdom that will enable you to mitigate expensive risk, build a healthy culture and increase your bottom line.

You don’t know what you don’t know. Few people are in Robert’s position, knowing the unique challenges of leading a design or construction firm. Get to know him.

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Client Testimonial

“Robert has been a Godsend to me. His ability to simplify and focus my efforts on a doable and repeatable set of activities has revolutionized my company. He has systemized how I set goals and hit targets. His set of tools are easy to customize and made high-level planning accessible. Would not have happened without him.”

Stan Shelden | Founder, Shelden Architecture

Client Testimonial

“As Managing Principal of Overland, one of San Antonio’s largest architecture firms, Robert was a steady hand in a creative, often volatile enterprise. This experience makes him a wise and seasoned guide through the challenges of growing and running a complex business.”

Rick Archer | CEO Overland

Client Testimonial

“I greatly enjoy having Robert as a leadership coach. He has a lot of business experience and has some good suggestions about team dynamics, personal growth and leadership. Very easy to talk to and encourages candid conversations.”

James Shaw | Co-Founder of Inventive i/o

Client Testimonial

“Robert has been an instrumental coach for our leadership group and employees, not only to better themselves in their current roles but for their own professional career advancement. If you want to advance as a leader or better yourself, I recommend contacting Robert."

Andrea Farmer-Renard | PHR Firm Administrator, ATKG, LLP

Client Testimonial

“I have had the pleasure of working with Robert for many years. He is very knowledgable, responsible, professional and caring.”

Mark Wittig | President, Wittigs Office Interiors

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