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Smart & Healthy companies utilize 3 components: Core Values, Technology and Coherent Leadership.

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The Origin of Overland

The Business Journal asked us, “What architectural style are you designing? 

“We said “Survivalist.”


It was true; we did everything necessary to support our families.

However, the turning point was when we discovered the “why” behind “what” we offered as an architectural firm. Our mentality switched from being “Survivalist” to being “Intentional” motivated by ideas and unlocking the embedded potential in projects. We realized our company was not about us. It was about our core values ​​and how we influence the world through the practice of architecture. 

We discovered our core values using a process our partners introduced to us called “Built to Last.” 

The program instructed us to ask ourselves relevant questions such as, “How should we behave?” and “how did we want to live?” 

These questions defined our company, which guided our decision to name the company Overland vs. Founders because we wanted to create space for those who came after us.

Core values ​​are the compass that guides your company.

It informs leadership, employees, prospects, and clients who and what your company represents.

Core values ​​keep your vision and purpose clear. They help the team make coherent, relational, and technology-leading decisions to move the business forward.

“Having a healthy organization is like keeping your body healthy. Make small decisions every day as big milestones.” 

Robert Schmidt,Founder and CEO of Schmidt & Co

Core Values: Our Labor of Love

We achieved clarity by developing our core values, mission, and vision at Overland

We laid the foundation for successful business decisions and relationships. 

Finding our identity was a Labor of Love that has made Overland the company it is today.

Did you know that 58% of companies with clearly defined core values ​​are growing by more than 10%? compared to companies that have not defined their core values?

View Source: cdn.imperative.com

Your organization’s core values are essential to providing guidance and direction, which are two components that every company needs to be effective and efficient.

The Human Handprint

How we measure the impact of our organization. 

Sadly, many companies create mission and vision statements, hang them on the wall, and never talk about them again.

They end up wasting their hard work, money and time. 

Our intent at Overland was to keep these valuable statements in the foreground. 

They are contained in our thoughts and actions as we create, communicate, and care for others. 

Why? Because we loved our team and our customers.

Overland has continued to grow even after my departure because they continue to care for and value others.

In recent years they have asked themselves more questions, like, “How can we measure our progress in fulfilling our mission, vision and values?”

Today, Rick and his team keep each core value in their thoughts and actions as they create, communicate, and care for others through a process they created, called the Human Handprint.  

They use the human handprint to evaluate and execute a transformational impact on the lives of others and organizations.

Every finger on the hand stands for a process.

  1. Aspiration 
  • Why are we doing this 
  1. Inspiration 
  • What is going to inspire us, and whom are we inspiring
  1. Relationships 
  • What relationships do we need to maintain to grow 
  1. Stewardship  
  • Promises to one another and the earth (stewardship) 
  1. Well-being 
  • How are we doing

Do you know your company’s Core Values?

Want to know more about Core Values? Check out our Mastermind Video!

Smart companies appropriately use technology and invest in relationships.


“Become a change-ready organization. This goes beyond deploying a new tool or process — it means building a culture and communication structure that is ready, willing and able to adapt to any change. After all, the rate of change and evolution in business and technology is only going to continue and even pick up speed.” 

Keith Kitani

Overland started with computers, added virtual reality, and now are looking at artificial intelligence.

Overland plans to advance the best strategy for their particular organization as technology advances. Presently, they have virtual reality and other advanced technology that help serve the client. 

You may be asking yourself, “What technology should I invest in?”

Remember that the technology you choose should make life easier and increase productivity. It should grow with your company.


Continue to build relationships by meeting with teammates away from the office. It will improve work ethic, retention rates, individual productivity, creativity and much more. A smart company is both emotionally smart and technically smart.

Other relationships that you should invest in are:

Customer relationships: Your business will not exist without your customers. Giving attention to clients will produce a thriving business. 

Supplier relationships:  Always communicate with your suppliers and respect them.

Cohesive Leadership

Unity makes life at work easier.

“It is all about the journey and not about arriving.”                                                                                                                                                         

Robert Schmidt                                                                

Cohesive leadership creates clarity and stability within an organization. It builds trust, settles conflicts, creates commitment and accountability, and helps the team focus on the desired results. 

We can minimize confusion in our organization by building and maintaining a cohesive leadership team. 

How does Overland keep the leadership team cohesive? 

  1. Unity in decisions.
  2. Unity w/o unanimity.

The leadership team of a healthy organization is intellectually aligned and committed to the same answers to six simple but critical questions:

Why do we exist? How do we behave? What do we do? What is most important right now? Who must do what? How will we succeed? 

Sound familiar? Healthy organizations answer questions like these when creating your core values.  

Knowing the answers to these types of questions will help leaders provide clarity of intent in projects. 

It allows them to empower others to lead, helping speed up decision-making and progress, empowering the next generation to make decisions. 

When cohesive leadership is practiced, extraordinary things will happen.

“Understanding that the company was never about us, it is about those who are coming after us.” 

Rick Archer, CEO Overland

Your team will want their work to contribute to something larger than themselves, and your customers will want to be a part of something great.

Compel your team and captivate your customers by developing and implementing company core values into how you collaborate.

Structure drives behavior. Integration of your core values, mission, and vision, will allow your leadership, relationships, and decision-making to thrive in an environment and culture that is smart and healthy.

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